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Nasakoma "Façade Engineer" established in 1993 focusing on "Curtain Wall Systems"and all conventional and contemporary complimentary systems with its professional project, manufacturing and application teams.

Offering services such as project design, technical support, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Nasakoma operates as a Facade Engineer in all kinds of Curtain Wall Systems (Unitized Facade System and Stick Facade Systems), Transparent Walls, Cold Facade, 3D Facade Tension Cable/Membrane Systems, Lightweight Shell Skylights, Free Form Systems, Sliding Systems.

As its motto, “Façade Engineer”, Nasakoma focus on designing the engineering concepts and solving every detail structuraly and esthetically complying the international standards. Nasakoma’s partners and suppliers are also prefered among worldwide proven companies and producers of their sectors.


Our vision is to be leading company generating turnkey solutions in the Building Construction Sector with our many years of experience and expert staff.


Our mission is to contribute to our country’s future by offering solutions in order to protect the enterprises that is the heart of the economy from damaging effects of the nature.


Our main policy is to provide the best services under the conditions specified by the national and international standards in line with our continuous development and improvement principle.


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Okyanus Grup is providing a healthy and safe working environment and committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees and other people affected by its operations in order to ensure an improvement in the overall underlying performance of the business.

As Okyanus Grup we are aware of risk and potential danger for our employees, sub-contractors and their families, and also for our visitors and feel fully serious of responsibilities.

We continually adhere to HSE Policies to achieve a ‘zero accident policy’. HSE Policy which is very specific in recognizing the need for a Health and Safety Management System to oversee the implementation of good Health and Safety management in the Company.

Company HSE training program will always be a comprehensive to increase safety awareness, teach safer working practices and to increase environmental commitment. Company HSE Manual, all the roles and responsibilities within the organization clearly defined to assist the development of a positive HSE culture.